BIG WILLY New Vintage OD


This is Big Willy, a BOOST/OD boutique pedal, made in ITALY, custom designed, fully hand-wired, soldered with a classic point-to-point technique. Produced by CRAZYTONE (



Inside there are NOS (New Old Stock) components, so produced in the 60-70s, but still brand new. In particular, Big Willy has NOS capacitors and resistors.

The goal with this device was to have a vintage sounding BOOST, with a great volume gain

and with an high impedance output in order to pre-saturate and overdrive the amp tubes.

It has True bypass and a warm, powerful sound, clearly vintage-style.

Big Willy is fully customizable through the pots SHOT (gain) and LVL (output level) to reach the sound you like.


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